1. How many days a week do you spend 15 minutes or more in prayer? *
2. How many days a week do you read your Bible? *
3. Do you attend Connection Group two or more times each month? *
4. Are you on a ministry team and serving at least once a month? *
5. What percentage of your income do you give? *
6. Do you regularly give offerings above your tithe? *
7. Are you involved in Bridge City ministries or outreaches outside of Sunday Worship Experiences? *
Food bank, Celebrate Recovery, Missions, etc.
8. Did you make a missions pledge and/or will you participate in a missions trip this calendar year? *
9. Are you in a discipleship relationship with someone else? Meeting with someone regularly to learn, be held accountable, etc. *
10. Are you discipling someone currently? *
11. I invited someone to church: *
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