This series takes a look at some of the important terms in Christianity that need a little definition. We take a look at what it means to be justified, redeemed, sanctified, and transformed.


Band of Brothers Men’s Conference


If I Only Had…

Have you ever said, “If I only had...” and filled the blank with whatever you need at that particular moment? There’s always more to have, but what happens when we genuinely steward what God has already given us?


2019 Overflow Women’s Conference


Campus Specific Messages


Follow Me

Jesus calls us to follow Him. Everyday. In this series, we take a look at depth of what Jesus meant by this simple phrase.


Campus Specific Messages


A Journey of Faith

This summer at Bridge City, we’re taking a look at Moses in the Bible. Moses faced some daunting circumstances, but in everything, he believed God would do what He said He would. Because of his faith in God, many received the promises that awaited them.


God + Culture

We live in a culture that is constantly changing. So, it can be difficult to discern how to respond to issues through a Biblical perspective. In this series, we take a look at some of the important issues in our world today.


Mother’s Day at Bridge City


Easter at Bridge City

Jesus’ passion is people. His desire to restore the broken relationship between us and God outweighed the pain of the cross. Celebrate the life available to us through Jesus!


The Passion

Jesus’ entire life on this earth was to prepare for His redemptive work on the cross. His last days before He walked up Calvary’s hill reveal His passion for us and His desire to restore the relationship with His people.


Campus Specific Messages


Vision Sunday

Every year, we set aside one week called Vision Sunday to communicate where God is leading us as a church. We also use this as an opportunity to look back and see what God did in the lives of those who attend Bridge City.

"I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18–19 NLT


Reset Your Relationships

Relationships can be complicated. This series takes a fresh look at the ways to navigate the different relationships in our lives.



Everybody can use a fresh start. In this series, we take the natural restart of the year as an opportunity to refocus our devotion to Jesus.


A Thrill of Hope: the Weary World Rejoices

In a world where hopelessness and fear abound, Christmas shines brightly. It's a celebration of the day Jesus came down to us. Hope was born. A weary, waiting world rejoices.


Are You Okay?

It’s okay to not be okay! In this teaching, we take a look at depression and anxiety in our culture today and the myth that you can’t be a Christian and be depressed.


Making Change

Do your finances bring you fear or freedom? Whether you’re digging out of debt, or planning for your future, now’s the time to build a foundation that endures. Investing in a brighter tomorrow starts by Making Change today.


2018 Band of Brothers Conference

Messages from our 2018 Band of Brothers Men’s Conference, includes breakouts and general sessions.


Stranger Things

After Jesus rose from the grave, His plan wasn’t to leave us hanging when He went back to Heaven. HIs plan was to send us the Helper, His Holy Spirit to guide us through our every day lives.


We Are the Church

What is the church? It’s not a building or a cool place to meet. It’s us. With all of our differences, unique personalities, and Jesus as our common unity—we are the church!


Overflow Conference

For the 2018 Women’s Overflow Conference we were joined by special guest worship leader and speaker Harvest Bashta. We also had breakout sessions with women speakers from Bridge City Church and other local ministries. Ladies, learn to walk confident of God’s character through every season of life.


Bridge City Messages

Messages include guest speakers and standalone messages that aren't a part of our series.



In the Bible, Jesus said the statement, “I am…” seven times. "I am the Light of the world." " I am the Good Shepherd." " I am the Gate." In this series, we take a look at each of these statements and how they give us a glimpse into God's character and purpose.


David: A Man's After God's Own Heart

David was one of the greatest kings of Israel and God even said, “he was a man after His own heart.” But David still had flaws and battled discouragement just like us. In this series, we'll take a look at different aspects of David's life and how His heart chased after God.


Assembly Required

Marriage, family, and any other relationship comes with some assembly required. But when we build our relationships the way God desires, things work better. 


Easter at Bridge City

In every country around the world there is a universal symbol of Christianity. It’s the cross. Of all the shapes and symbols that could set us apart, this is the one. Rediscover why this Easter.


Building Bridges

Just like a bridge, relationships require a solid foundation. The foundation of a relationship is love. Jesus showed us this by what He did on the cross for us, laying down His life to start a relationship with all of us. 


Campus Messages

This week, each campus pastor speaks from the heart and shares a message directed at their campus.


Vision Sunday

Our annual Vision Sunday is a time we use to look back at the prior year and review what God did in our church, but also look ahead to where we are headed as a church this year. This year we also officially changed our name from Word & Worship to Bridge City Church.


2018 Missions Conference

Our yearly missions conference gets us focused on reaching our world with the love of Jesus. We provide information for international trips and outreach opportunities in our city. This year we were joined by Pastor John Guido, a missionary in Cuenca, Ecuador.



We begin each year with 21 days of prayer + fasting. This time creates an opportunity for us to set aside distractions and focus on hearing God.