Serve our communities with your family this summer. This trip, led by Pastor Gary Paladin, will be three days of ministering to people in our communities. Teams will be sent out to serve practically and to evangelize at our food banks, to the homeless, and with other local ministries to be determined. Participants under 18 must have a completed permission for minors section on application. Children under 13 are welcome to come, but must have a parent or guardian with them at all times.

$40 per person / $100 cap per family


Teams from across the United States, Canada, and even nations overseas have brought people to the Buffalo Dream Center for week-long trips in the spring, summer, and for Boxes of Love in December. Teams experience and participate in various ministries to the homeless, children, prostitutes, refugee families, and others. Come to serve. Go home changed! 7th grade and above (at time of trip) unless accompanied by parent.



This trip is geared towards evangelism and leadership training. Partnering with Sydney & Musu Thomas of Victory Outreach Church, participants will help with the growth of this local church in Liberia.




A $20 non-refundable fee must be submitted with your trip application.

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Saturday, January 26

A missions training event designed to help equip, inspire, and motivate you as a missionary in your world.


Our goal is to give away $125,000 to missions across the world in 2019. When you give, these are the ministries we are supporting:

$20,000 Food Distribution [all 5 locations]
$30,000 Liberia School
$20,000 Alms [all 5 locations]
$15,000 Don and Beth Kytka [Brazil]
$10,000 Mission Trips
$6,000 Sydney and Musu Thomas [Liberia]
$5,000 Local Churches
$5,000 Katie and Wesly Sanchez [Guatemala]
$2,500 Terry and Carry Nelson [Haiti]
$2,500 Ruth and Dick Flores [Spain]
$2,500 Buffalo Dream Center
$2,000 Resurrection Counseling Ministries
$1,500 Living in Liberty
$1,500 YoungLives
$1,500 Pittsburgh Dream Center

$125,000 GIVING GOAL for 2019


Click below if you would like to give a monthly pledge or a one-time mission payment towards our 2019 missions giving.

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